My Birthing Philosophy

I believe birth is a beautiful, natural process and that women have freedom and choices! I see my role as healthcare provider to educate and encourage women along their journey towards a radiant beginning. From the actual physical miracle of new life developing within to the more subtle but equally as miraculous birth of a new mother (whether this is her first child or her fifth!), my goal is to equip you for the upcoming adventure.

I hope to encourage and educate in order to empower not only the couple but also the entire family. As the parents of the unborn child I believe your healthcare is your ultimate responsibility. I hope to partner together with you and look forward to your experiences. I believe prevention can go a long way toward avoiding certain outcomes or complications. I want you to be active in your care and communication about your desires. I will do my best in all circumstances, except where there is concern for the safety of mom/baby, to honor those requests.

While I cannot guarantee each couple who chooses to book with me will have an out-of-hospital birth, I believe everyone has a role to play, to the best of their abilities, to lend towards optimal outcomes. As a licensed midwife, I must follow state regulations that work as a frame to guide and protect. If your pregnancy should fall outside my realm of practice at any point, I will do my best to help you make alternative plans for the remainder of your pregnancy and birth. I will work to assist low risk clients in their journey throughout pregnancy, labor, delivery and the postpartum phase.

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My Radiant Beginnings
My Radiant Beginnings32 ago
Part 2 of our series on transport (to a hospital for delivery) -- a real example of a case where transport went just as it should.
My Radiant Beginnings
My Radiant Beginnings4 hours ago
Enjoyed my baby cuddles with this beautiful girl during her home visit yesterday afternoon! Isn’t she adorable?!?! ❤️
My Radiant Beginnings
My Radiant Beginnings shared LittleThings's video.1 day ago
Just spreading a little laugh...and a little help 😉
My Radiant Beginnings
Calling all soon-to-be dads! Truth Bomb Mom Kristina Kuzmic wants you to know how important it is for you to be at your wife's side when she's in labor! 🤰🍼 See more of Kristina here:
My Radiant Beginnings
My Radiant Beginnings2 days ago
Beautiful birth to top off a memorable (SNOW) day!!! Happy Birthday to this cute 6# 7oz 19.5in baby girl! Fantastic birth and awesome family.
My Radiant Beginnings
My Radiant Beginnings3 days ago
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My Radiant Beginnings
My Radiant Beginnings
My Radiant Beginnings5 days ago
Please pass this on...